How to apply for a trading account?
Opening a new account via xttCapital is very simple. To get started click the 'Register' button. You will be taken to a form where you must fill in your name, email address and phone number. You will then be contacted by an account manager who will walk you through the process of opening an account.
What is CFD Trading?
CFD stands for Contract for Difference. It is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of the contract. It's a popular form of derivative trading that enables users to speculate on price movements in different financial markets. The popularity comes from the fact that you can leverage these derivatives, which means that you do not need to front the full position of a trade. However prices can go down as well as up and gains and losses can fluctuate significantly due to leverage. Please ensure you have understood the risks and can afford to absorb any losses.
Is there a minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is usually £100 or the currency equivalent.
What are the costs of using xttCapital?
xttCapital does not charge any commission or fees.
What assets can I invest in?
CFD options on a variety of assets are available. Forex is one of the popular markets, but you can invest in traditional commodities such as gold and silver and innovative technology like cryptocurrencies, indices and stocks.
Is it possible to have multiple investments at once?
Yes. Trading platforms are designed to handle multiple investments at one time. Once you’ve opened an account, you have the choice to invest in a single asset or spread your investment across any available markets so you can take advantage of every single opportunity you find.
Do I have to invest all of my money?
Of course not. The minimum deposit is usually £100, but the rest is up to you. If you want to deposit and invest more, you can. If you’d prefer to start with smaller investments and learn the ropes, you can do that too. Remember, once you've deposited you don't have to invest all of your deposit in just one market.
What is forex trading?
In simple terms, forex trading is speculating on the price fluctuations of international currencies. Forex trading always happens in pairs e.g. GBP/USD. When you execute a trade, everything is focused on the base currency (the currency on the left of the pair).
The aim is to predict whether the base currency’s value will increase or decrease against its “counter” currency. If you feel the base currency will increase in value, you choose the “buy” option. If you feel it will decrease in value, you choose the “sell” option.
What are commodities and indices?
A commodity is a raw material that can be bought or sold. For example, tradable commodities include gold, silver, oil and cotton. Indices are essentially price markers for a group of shares. An example of tradable indices is the FTSE 100 which contains the 100 largest stocks in the world. When you invest in this, you speculate on the FTSE 100 price increasing or decreasing.
What are cryptocurrencies?
In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are currencies that use decentralised digital ledgers (blockchains) to confirm transactions. Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency, but there are now dozens of alternatives, which are collectively called altcoins. The main goal of every crypto is to create a decentralised transactional system that’s both automatic and tamperproof.
Is cryptocurrencies trading legal?
Yes. Although there are certain regulations governing certain aspects of the crypto industry, trading coins such as BTC, ETH and ADA is perfectly legal. In fact, trading cryptocurrencies is no different from trading traditional assets such as gold, oil, stocks or forex. However please check the laws in your home state before trading.
What makes cryptocurrencies different from traditional currencies?
Traditional currencies (known as fiats) are centrally controlled monetary units. In simple terms, fiat currencies are regulated by governments and central banks. The upshot of this is that each currency is only valid in its native jurisdiction. In other words, you can only use GBP in the UK, EUR in Eurozone countries and so on.
This dynamic throws up a number of issues regarding cross-border payments, processing times and transparency. Cryptocurrencies are universal coins that aren’t controlled by a single entity. This makes them easier to transfer and there are fewer issues with regards to transparency.
What are the risks associated with crypto trading?
Like any investment, crypto trading has its risks. Because you can never fully account for the price fluctuations of any asset, your investment may increase or decrease in value. To minimise any potential downswings, trading platforms feature a selection of risk-management tools.
How to contact xttCapital customer service?
xttCapital have various means of contact, including phone and email. We can be contacted at any point between 09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday, excl bank holidays. For contact details, see below:
Phone: +44(0) 203 9500 950
Email: [email protected]

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Ensure you understand the risks.